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Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation
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Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation ReviewWe could use a few different dictionaries, compact ones, medium-sized ones, reference-sized ones, and perhaps, from different publishers; but most of us would not likely have more than one guide book on pronunciation. The Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation is probably the choice guide. Its 432 pages are packed neatly in a compact 12cm x 18cm dimension. It is arranged in alphabetical order but it includes proper names of people and places. We find Rudyard Kipling and Kisangani (a city in Congo) on the same page. Each word has a brief but adequate description. "Eowyn" is described as "character from ' The Lord of the Rings'" (and pronounced as "ay-oh-win"; the emphasis on "ay" is marked in bold). It also has short, page-length descriptions and explanations concerning the pronunciation of major languages such as German, French, and Portuguese. There is also a section the use of "clicks" in certain languages. The pronunciation guide is easy to use and so this book is unlikely to mystify the reader as to what how to pronounce the guide words or how to read the pronunciation symbols. Any disappointments? Well, "Ralph Fiennes" was not in it. John Gielgud's there though.Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation OverviewThe Oxford BBC Guide to Pronunciation is the ideal source for finding out how to pronounce controversial or difficult words and names. Expert guidance is given on how to pronounce 15,000+ difficult words and names, using both the Intenational Phonetic Alphabet and simpler respelled pronunciations. There are notes on individual entries where pronunciation has changed or is disputed, or where there is simply further interesting information. Special panels look at topics such as changes in pronunciation over time or the influence of dialect, and give top tips for pronouncing languages such as Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish. The entries chosen reflect the news and themes of today, and include newly researched material from the BBC's database. The unique combination of the BBC's worldwide expertise in pronunciation with OUP's experience in reference publishing provides a popular and accessible guide to this tricky but fascinating area.

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