The Metropolitan Opera Guide to Recorded Opera Review

The Metropolitan Opera Guide to Recorded Opera
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The Metropolitan Opera Guide to Recorded Opera ReviewAnybody who collects opera on CD (or other formats) should own this tome; mine has long since separated into maverick fascicles from constant reference and casual browsing. Each contributor reviews, in some detail, virtually all recorded versions of a single work (then, incidentally and almost superfluously, offering recommendations). Standards of knowledge and of writing are gratifyingly high, and the thinking is refreshingly independent; I've been led to some wonderful disks that, going by received opinion, I wouldn't have poked with a ten-foot pole. But the book stops short in the early 90s; for anyone interested in state-of-the-art sound (not to mention some extraordinary performances), the Guide has quickly become seriously deficient. Also, it's time to rethink the operas included. Ginastera's Bomarzo, Argento's Postcard from Morocco and Musgrave's Mary Queen of Scots -- all unobtainable in any format -- can go, making room for, say, Schreker, Respighi, Chausson and Chabrier, Zemlinsky and Glass, among many others. Some composers need broader representation: Cherubini, Weber, Bellini (no Pirata!), Gluck (neither Iphigenia, no Alceste). Other commentators have suggested either a thorough-going update, or a second volume. I'd buy either without a second's pause.The Metropolitan Opera Guide to Recorded Opera Overview
This practical and up-to-date Guide to Recorded Opera, the only such volume authorized by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, offers a wealth of invaluable information for the opera lover.

Whether it is used for recommendations on which recording to buy, or for a bird's-eye view of the recording history of a specific opera, the Guide to Recorded Opera will prove an indispensable addition to the opera lover's library.

Casts, dates, and compact disc availability for all the complete recordings of 150 different operas.

Critical evaluation by an outstanding authority of each complete recording of each opera.

Recommendations for the best recordings of every work.

Access to the reviews facilitated by two tables of contents: one organized alphabetically by composer, the other by title.

A detailed index by artist.

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