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How People Live
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How People Live ReviewI am VERY familiar with this book, having read it at night to my 11 year old son for months now! We just finished it. He loved it--he is a huge geography buff and was fascinated with the glimpes of so many cultures around the world. We both learned a lot about people and countries we had known nothing or very little about before now.
A few small things would have made this a much better book, however! I would have loved to have a small map on each 2 page spread about a culture, so that we could have seen exactly where the people talked about lived. I'd have liked very much to have some of the words in other languages spelled out phonetically, as I was often guessing wildly at how things were said. I also wish the book would have focused a little less on exotic and unusual cultures and a little more on more common cultures---the former was very interesting, but the latter would have given us probably a more realistic world view!
My sons are annoyed that I am writing so many complaints! They felt this was a wonderful book, and so did I---I just think it could have been even better!How People Live Overview

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