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Paris Sketchbook
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Paris Sketchbook ReviewI love three things: Watercolors, books and Paris. Author Mary Kelly and Fabrice Moireau teamed up to make the most delicious book on Paris that I have seen yet. Yes, I exclaimed "Ooo-la-la" when I opened this to a random page, but forgive me for the cliche. This book is magnificient in every way.
I first travelled to Paris in 1976, then a number of times thereafter, lately last May 2001. Each time, I strive to capture the essence of this wonderful city, and aside from a few character sketches, I don't have much success. This book is everything I wanted to take back from Paris in addition to some wonderful memories.
The format is a longer-than-wide book with excellent paper. The text is accompanied by good-sized watercolors and pencilled notes. It looks as if you are holding the actual sketchbook. The colors are very true; I do watercolors myself and I can tell you that the pages look as if the washes were just laid down. The look is fresh and really, it is stunning.
If you love France, Paris, art, watercolors, travel, you will love this book. I treasure it.Paris Sketchbook OverviewParis is seen through the eyes of artist Fabrice Moireau, with sketches in watercolor and pencil perfectly matched by an introduction by Mary A. Kelly. These residents of the world's most romantic capital city are the perfect guides to its streets, monuments, gardens and delightfully hidden corners.

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