The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia (Kingfisher Encyclopedias) Review

The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia (Kingfisher Encyclopedias)
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The Kingfisher Geography Encyclopedia (Kingfisher Encyclopedias) ReviewAsk anyone to "explain" what is meant by geography and you will probably receive as many different answers as people you ask. Alternatively you could consult this book and get the definitive reply.
As someone who spends his life researching into and then visiting the world's shipwrecks, an understanding of the countries I visit and the people I meet are vitally essential to my work. What is even more important is a basic understanding of each culture encountered. It is not for foreign travellers to complain about the fact that public signs of affection between two adults (such as kissing) is against the law in certain Arabic countries, it is for visitors to observe those laws.
For several years now this book has been a constant source of research for me and I have never found it lacking in any way. On the one hand, it explains all the basic background information I am seeking when trying to put together some form of introduction to whatever country I am discussing at any particular time. In addition to informing me of the peoples and the cultures, I always find interesting little snippets of information which are somehow overlooked in the tourist information.
From Barbados to Burundi, Nigeria to Nepal, Tanzania to Turkey, this book will give all age groups the finest grounding in geography one could ever hope to find. Although unlikely to be read from cover to cover, it will nevertheless, still provide the avid reader with plenty of interest to rival any collection of short stories.
As is stated on the book's cover, this is the most complete guide to the world's countries, cultures and peoples and contains over 3,000 illustrations, photographs and maps. Altogether an excellent product and highly recommended.
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