Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers Review

Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers
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Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers ReviewThis book is not really a manual for voice teaching but a book of oft-asked questions and answers written by Richard Miller, noted voice teacher and author. Miller has written several books on singing and voice teaching, and all of them have been generally well received. This book is no exception.
The questions are grouped in sections of subjects beginning with breath management. Following chapters address posture, laryngeal functions, resonance, nasals and consonants, vibrato, registration, healthy singing, pedagogy issues, and performance concerns. As one can see, this layout of the book ensures that while Miller does skip from question to question, the book does flow similarly to great treatises on singing and voice instruction.
If one has never read a book by Richard Miller, one should know that his books can be technical and perhaps, boring. Miller has certainly taken great care that each question be answered thoroughly and accurately (not with a simple yes or no). This is not the best book for a novice trying to learn about the voice. Try books by Oren Brown or Clifton Ware first, or be prepared to look it up if you don't know exactly where the zygomatic muscles are or how the thyroid cartilage works.
That being said, this book covers so many of the questions that people have about singing, even the questions that most voice teachers do not know. Miller also includes a wonderful repertoire list for younger or beginning singers in the back, and his select bibliography is also as rigorous as I've seen anywhere else. You may have to reread some answers, but it is clear that you are getting a well-researched answer.
I strongly recommend this book to any voice teacher. As long as they are prepared for technical answers, I think they will find it to be an invaluable resource.
Solutions for Singers: Tools for Performers and Teachers OverviewWhile many texts and courses on the art of singing offer comprehensive overviews of technique and performance, few have time to delve into the specific questions they spawn. Solutions for Singers explores these unanswered questions, filling in gaps that professional performers, students of singing, and voice teachers have long sought to close.Fielding over 200 questions, distinguished teacher and performer Richard Miller tackles problems raised during hundreds of his master classes and pedagogy courses. He deliberately avoids abstract generalities, concentrating instead on specific, recurring questions: What are some good exercises to loosen or relax tension in the back of the tongue? Do you apply the same principles regarding breathing to a younger student that you do to older students? What is meant by voiced and unvoiced consonants? Is there a female falsetto? Through such specialized questions, Miller probes the very essence of artistic expression.The questions are organized under ten broad topics, which Miller considers from various angles. He couples traditional and modern philosophies to present the most relevant and precise solutions. The result is an invaluable handbook for singers, which, read either sequentially or selectively, provides a unique and pragmatic approach to vocal artistry and technique.

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