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The Bear Scouts
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The Bear Scouts ReviewThis tale of Papa Bear's prideful camping advice that ALWAYS turns out wrong is a classic. I LOVED this book when I was young, and indeed I still do! I never mind reading it to my 3 year old daughter. We quote the line "Your stew is stewing well, but doesn't it have a funny smell?" to each other as an inside joke.
The Bear Scouts leave on a camping adventure, but at the last minute Papa Bear insists on going to "help out". His son and the other scouts always use their Bear Scout Guide, and always have success. But Dad ties his own knot which fails, makes stew of roots that tastes awful but then gladly devours the fish the scouts catch, and so forth. The rhyme is fun and memorable, the illustrations are captivating, and I would recommend it to anyone!The Bear Scouts OverviewIllus. in full color. "In rollicking rhyme Papa Bear shows the cubs the ins and outs of camping."--Catholic Library World.

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