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Training Soprano Voices
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Training Soprano Voices ReviewI am a master's student currently preparing for an operatic stage career. If you are seriously persuing a pedagody degree and hope to teach or if you a soprano persuing a performance career, this book is an essential for your library. However, I don't recommend this book to novice singers -- the voice is a fragile instrument and a beginner can't tell what s/he sounds like (if the voice is tight, pushed, or out of tune, you won't know). It's best to begin study under a good teacher than with a book.Training Soprano Voices OverviewTraining Soprano Voices provides a complete and reliable system for training each type of soprano voice. Designed as a practical program for singers, teachers, and voice professionals, it couples historic vocal pedagogy with the latest research on the singing voice, emphasizing the special nature of the soprano voice and the proper physiological functioning for vocal proficiency. Renowned singing teacher Richard Miller supplies a detailed description for each of the nine categories of soprano voices. For each category he then surveys the appropriate literature and provides an effective system for voice building, including techniques for breath management, vibratory response, resonance balancing, language articulation, vocal agility, sostenuto, proper vocal registration, and dynamic control. The book concludes with a daily regimen of vocal development for healthy singing and artistic performance. It also features dozens of technical exercises, vocalization material taken from the performance literature, and numerous anatomical illustrations. Unique in its focus on a single voice, Training Soprano Voices is likely to set the standard in voice training for years to come.

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