Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars) Review

Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars)
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Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars) Review
I was quite pleased to get this. The Routledge Grammars tend to be very good and this one was no excerption.
After a brief but good introduction on the history of the language and its relation to other Slavic languages.
There was about 25 pages describing the Ukrainian phonological system, and then the remainder treated each part of speech in detail. I am a linguist-morphologist by profession, and what was in this book was exactly what I needed for work which was doing.. The authors are to be congratulated. It's good book.Ukrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar (Comprehensive Grammars) OverviewUkrainian: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Ukrainian grammar.The authors have consulted a great number of sources, in addition to a wide range of native speakers. The result is the first true reference grammar of Ukrainian to be published outside Ukraine, it will be the standard reference work for years to come.The volume is organized to enable students of the language to find the information they seek quickly and easily, and to promote a thorough understanding of Ukrainian grammar. It presents the complexities of the language in a systematic and user-friendly form.Features include* detailed tables in each chapter for easy reference* numerous examples throughout* thorough descriptions of all parts of speech* list of grammatical terms in English and Ukrainian* complete descriptions of the word-formational processes of Ukrainian* an overview of past and present changes in the language* bibliography of works relating to Ukrainian* full index.

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