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Separation ReviewThis novel written in the style of a memoir is one of the most painful books I have ever read. There are no proper names used in it. This contributes further to its realistic depiction of a rapidly desintergrating marriage. The narrator is a writer living in Paris who begins to notice that his wife of seven years has begun to lose interest in him. The first sign is rather simple. He tries to hold her hand and gets no response. Her coldness increases and finally she tells him that she is in love with another man. The action of the novel is really never seen through the eyes of the wife. We only have the husbands view of what is going on in the marriage. And what a view it is, starting with worry, then to accomodation, then jealousy, anger and the blacker emotions. For most of the book, it seems like nothing really happens. Both of them seem to flounder finding courage to end the lie of their marriage. They use the kids as an excuse to stay together but this is just a ruse to hide their fear of losing each other. Sometimes I became disgusted with the characters, simply because they did not have the guts to just walk away. But just like in real life, people find it hard to walk away from situations even if they are unhealthy, whether it is due to love, insecurity, or loneliness. This is a powerful novel whose story has been repeated through the ages and will probably continue to do so in the future.Separation Overview

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