The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music Review

The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music
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The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music ReviewI have never read a book like this one before.
So well written and illustrated. It is forwarded
by Vladimir Ashkenazy. The book starts with a section
about music in non-western civilizations, there it
explains the role of music in early cultures of the world,
From Ancient Egypt, to China; from the Ancient American
cultures, to Africa; and from Oceania to the near east to
the Holy Roman Empire, this section of the book has it all.
Then the book is divided in by order of musical periods
thru the ages. Starting with the medieval era, it lists
key events of this period, starting in the 800's. It mentions
and tells about the great names of the era in music,
including de Vitry(1291-1361) and Machaut(1300-1377).
It also explains such teaching devices as the 'Guidonian Hand'.
Then comes the Renaissance, here, it explains the rise
of humanism, it speaks also of major events of the time.
It also tells a bit about the Reinassance courts of Europe
and the composers of the time:Cristobal de Morales(1500-53)
Thomas Morley(1557-1602), Orlande de Lasuss(1532-94). This
section also speaks of the rise of instruments.
One to the Baroque where the where we are start seeing the
the start of new musical forms and procedures, sucha as the
masque, the music drama, the French grand motet.Also music in tenary form etc. The section on the classical period again famous
composers and musicians, explinations of classicism, rococco, and the instruments of the time.More on composers, specially Mozart and Beethoven.On to the the romantic period where we start
to see development in musical instruments, and styles, we also
see how the orchestra gets bigger. Finally, the book comes to
the early and late 20th century. The book does a wonderful job, pictures and tales of 20th century composers. This is the first
book that I have where I find a picture of John Adams and Sofia Gubaidulina in in the same book, in this book, for the first time also, our contemporary composers are treated with great respect, and as equal to their counterparts of the bygone ages. I picture that I like very much is in PG.324 where Cage, and Boulez shake hands in fron of Massien. The art work is of the best quality.This is indeed a good book that I recomend to every classical music lover, and friend. The price is so
affordable, and competitive.The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music OverviewClassical music finally has the reference it deserves: Authoritative, expertly written, and all-inclusive, The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music is a comprehensive, affordable companion to a timeless genre.Organized chronologically, with copious cross-references, this encyclopedia begins on a high note with a foreword by acclaimed pianist and conductor Vladimir Ashkenazy. It then traces the history of classical music from medieval times to the 21st century, highlighting key events and movements, providing biographical details on composers and performers, and examining the instruments and techniques. General editor Stanley Sadie draws on the expertise of a wide range of professional writers, educators, and musicians to place the major developments within their cultural and historical contexts. With rich details and surprising insights on most every aspect of classical music, The Billboard Encyclopedia of Classical Music is essential reading for composers, performers, and enthusiasts.

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