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Evil Angels
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Evil Angels ReviewIt is rare when you read the last page of a book, and begin to slow your reading speed just to prolong the ending. Evil Angels made me do that with every single page. It is not only the most well written book I've ever read (and it is a translation of a French novel!), but it has the most lyrical and beautiful prose that many contemporary authors are not capable of writing. Evil Angels is a long poem disguised as a book. Within a page, the reader's imagination is stimulated with at least thirty uses of similes, metaphors and philosophical theories. Evil Angels deals with severely morbid subjects such as martial infidelity, mutual degradation, violent, sadomasochistic sex and physical, emotional and mental abuse. It is with great astonishment that Pascal Bruckner can write about these subjects and make us see the beauty in things no longer beautiful.Evil Angels Overview

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