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Vowels and Consonants
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Vowels and Consonants ReviewPeter Ladefoged has recently revised his two fine introductory texts, "Elements of Acoustic Phonetics" and "A Course in Phonetics" and, in 1996, published an advanced text on phonology "The Sounds of the World's Languages" with Ian Maddieson, his collaborator phonologist in their first-hand, on-site studies of African languages and many others. His new book brings acoustic phonetics and phonology together in a brilliantly designed course, complete with a CD-ROM containing many important and interesting examples and demonstrations. After such a fine introduction, the student is ready to study phonology and/or phonetics more intensively and become a professional. The generous number of figures and tables are well chosen; the coverage of technical techniques and their applications for research are broadly representative of speech science and technology. This is one book that lives up to the glowing remarks of colleagues on the back cover. My own more-advanced book, "The Acoustics of Speech Communicatiion" will work better, especially for linguistics students, if they have used "Vowels and Consonants" for their first course.Vowels and Consonants OverviewThis popular and accessible introduction to phonetics is now available in a fully updated second edition. Peter Ladefoged describes how languages use a variety of different sounds, many of them quite unlike any that occur in well-known languages.Important topics covered in Vowels and Consonants include:* The main forces operating on the sounds of languages* The acoustic components of speech and speech synthesis* Computers and Text-To-Speech systems and speech recognition systems* Descriptions of the sounds of a wide variety of languages that are reproduced on the accompanying CD.This revised edition includes a new chapter on how we listen to speech and the greatly expanded CD now contains data on 100 languages to reinforce learning and bring the descriptions to life.

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