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The Spanish Language Today
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The Spanish Language Today ReviewThis book has obviously been written for an introductory course of linguistics in a Spanish curriculum of an English-language university. Ideally, an introduction to general linguistics is offered in a parallel course.
In such a context, items such as phonological and syntactic variation and change as well as pragmatic and sociolinguistic issues are further illustrated and brought to life for the student by the application to her or his main discipline.
To the general, non-student reader, this book is also useful as an introduction to certain aspects of Spanish. It has an accessible style and Spanish examples which are more than one or two sentences or are difficult for one reason or another are translated in footnotes. In some chapters, however, general linguistic insights are described in so much detail that for the general reader the text is somewhat redundant.The Spanish Language Today OverviewThe Spanish Language Today describes the varied and changing Spanish language at the end of the twentieth century. Suitable for introductory level upward, this book examines:* where Spanish is spoken on a global scale* the status of Spanish within the realms of politics, education and media* the standardisation of Spanish* specific areas of linguistic variation and change* how other languages and dialects spoken in the same areas affect the Spanish language* whether new technologies are an opportunity or a threat to the Spanish language.The Spanish Language Today contains numerous extracts from contemporary press and literary sources, a glossary of technical terms and selected translations.

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