Horizons Text/Tape Package Review

Horizons Text/Tape Package
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Horizons Text/Tape Package ReviewThis book is a superb textbook for anyone who wishes to study French on their own or for faculty seeking a well written, interesting and asthetically stimulating text for their introductory courses. While I am on the faculty at my college, I signed up for the French I class for fun. The course was cancelled but I was able to teach myself the material, so complete is this book when used with tapes and workbook. It surpasses all of the "teach yourself" books. Excellent!Horizons Text/Tape Package OverviewThis text intends to lead students to explore the richness of French and French-speaking cultures. It is an accessible content-based first-year French program for college students. With a focus on communication, skill-building and culture, it introduces first-year French students to the language and prepares students for global citizenship in the 21st century. Clear and useful process-writing sections and learning strategy annotations aim to empower students to function successfully in French.

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