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Facing Facts
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Facing Facts ReviewThis book made me see how hard formal philosophy is and also how rewarding it is when it's done well. Many philosophers today seem to take extreme positions and then justify them with clever (or not so clever arguments). S. Neale seems to have no time for this procedure. The "slingshot" arguments in logic have been used by famous philosophers (Quine, Godel, Davidson, Church) to justify extreme views, and other philosophers have tried to pick holes in the logic. Neale builds up everything very slowly. You can learn a lot by going carefully through his intro chapters, especially the one on D. Davidson. He shows in the end that the slinsghot arguments are much more compicated than the pro and anti folk thought because of issues with descriptions (the connection with Neale's other book). Both sides have been too vague and too careless. The slingshots do have real consequences but not as crushing as the pro folk thought. Neale's arguments and proofs are completely convincing. This is a very hard book (especially near the end) but it is totally clear and well written and really worth reading. It's impossible not to have great respect for such careful work.Facing Facts OverviewStephen Neale presents a powerful, original examination of a cornerstone of modern philosophy: the idea that our thoughts and utterances are representations of reality, that accurate or true representations are those that correspond to the facts. Facing Facts will be crucial to future work in metaphysics, logic, and the philosophy of mind and language, and will have profound implications far beyond.

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