Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology Review

Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology
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Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology ReviewAnybody's who is at all interested in Jewish culture will learn a lot from this book -- and enjoy it too. It's got a great section on Jews on broadway, an hysterical piece by Woody Allen, another highly readable set of Jewish jokes -- one can find historical information, interesting stuff on the immigrant's experiece, poetry, old and new, short stories as well as the standards like Roth and Bellow...You can pull this book down and start anywhere -- all the pieces are short so you don't get overwhelmed -- and feel instantly the richness and depth of the Jewish-American tradition.Jewish American Literature: A Norton Anthology Overview
The Most Comprehensive Anthology of Jewish American Literature EverPublished: With the work of 145 writers, from 1645 to the present, writing in allgenres-fiction, poetry, drama, essays, letters, editorials, journals,autobiography, cartoons, song lyrics, and jokes.
Classic and Contemporary Writers:Here, generously represented, are the writers who have shaped thetradition, among them Emma Lazarus, Abraham Cahan, Henry Roth,Nathanael West, Clifford Odets, Tillie Olsen, Bernard Malamud, SaulBellow, Grace Paley, Philip Roth, Allen Ginsberg, Cynthia Ozick, andHarold Bloom. Joining them are younger writers such as Melvin JulesBukiet, Jacqueline Osherow, Art Speigelman, Steve Stern and AllegraGoodman, who bring the tradition up to its thriving present.Yiddish and Hebrew Writing in AmericaJewish American Literature: Traces in breadth and depth America's richYiddish-language culture, from the work of Morris Rosenfeld and DavidEdelshtadt in the 1880s through the Yunge and Introspectivist movementsto the post-Holocaust writings of Kadya Molodowsky and Isaac BashevisSinger. Also represented is Hebrew writing, in translations of the workof Ephraim E. Lisitzky and modernist Gabriel Preil.Special Sections:"Jewish Humor" offers choice selections of Groucho Marx, Woody Allen,and a cluster of perennial Jewish jokes; "The Golden Age of theBroadway Song" samples the unforgettable lyrics of Oscar HammersteinII, Irving Berlin, Frank Loesser, and Stephen Sondheim, among others;"Jews Translating Jews" reflects on the translator's role intransmitting tradition, gathering poems translated from Yiddish,Hebrew, German, Hungarian, Italian, and Spanish by Jewish Americanpoets from Emma Lazarus to David Unger.Helpful and Lively Reader's Apparatus:The Reader's Apparatus includes a general introduction, periodintroductions, author headnotes, explanatory annotations, and selectedbibliographies.

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