Class Trip: A Novel Review

Class Trip: A Novel
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Class Trip: A Novel ReviewThis is a spooky little book about childhood, the banality of school trips, nightmares, confusion and the apparent strangeness of the adult world in which this odd story is set.
You have to read this book carefully as it is quite complex but it draws you in, and you are soon wondering if Nicholas' father is ever going to come back with his case, will the missing local boy ever be found alive and has Nicholas' father somehow been involved in his disappearence and why has the toughest and most respected boy on the school trip taken Nicholas, obviously a wimp in the first degree under his wing?
Slowly and almost painfully these questions are answered and like Nicholas, the not quite likable child hero, (he is sometimes endearing though) you are forced to confront a terrible truth and know sometimes forgiveness is not possible either in the adult or world of children...
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