The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada Review

The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada
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The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada ReviewMy introduction to this series of Oxford Illustrated Literary Guides came about when I purchased The Oxford Guide to Literary Britain and Ireland. I was captivated by the information within that book - a guide for both lovers of literature and intrepid travelers (oh yes, and armchair travelers of course). To my delight, I discovered that there were two more titles in the series, one focusing on the United States, and the other on Canada. I promptly purchased this title and found it to be just as illuminating and interesting as the guide on Great Britain and Ireland. My only real complaint is that the publishers have not issued an updated edition (unlike the one on Great Britain and Ireland) and the copy I have was published in 1987, and the photographs and illustrations are all in B&W which is a pity, especially since the buildings' beauty and the surrounding scenery could be more evocatively portrayed through color photographs. This particular guide does not contain as many photographs and illustrations as the other two guides.
Anyway, the book itself is quite well-organized according to regions in Canada:
Newfoundland and Labrador
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island
New Brunswick
British Columbia
Northwest Territories
Yukon Territory
The Oxford Illustrated Literary Guide to Canada OverviewThis lavishly illustrated volume takes readers on a captivating tour of the Canadian literary landscape. Visiting some 500 locations across Canada--from Newfoundland to British Columbia to the Northwest Territories--we see writers plying their craft in small, unlikely places and in large urban centers, and visit the sites that have made literary history. Albert and Theresa Moritz have devoted years to this project--combing archives, government documents, newspapers and biographies--and have consulted many leading authors, literary scholars, and local historians. The result is an unusually detailed volume sprinkled with anecdotes and surprising information. They describe the accident that led to the publication of Stephen Leacock's first book, which set him on the road to fame...reveal how Hugh MacLennan escaped injury in the Halifax explosion of 1917...and visit the burial place of the dog that inspired Marshall Saunder's Beautiful Joe. The authors provide much detailed information, including the exact addresses of the homes of famous authors and of other important sites, that direct you to places you wish to visit.An indispensable guide when traveling in Canada, this fascinating book will deepen your understanding and appreciation of Canadian literary history.

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