Atlas of Human Migration Review

Atlas of Human Migration
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Atlas of Human Migration ReviewIt was very useful for me since I had a paper on European migration in the first millenium CE. I got interested and read the other migrations. They were easy to read. It is not a tome for scholars only.Atlas of Human Migration Overview
How the migration of people through the ages has shaped the course of history.

The Atlas of Human Migration explains how humans have constantly overcome environmental and physical barriers and adapted to new social, political and environmental realities. From an estimated original 10,000 to 20,000 individuals, the world population has expanded to more than six billion. This book describes how it has spread over the world.

The compelling stories of the world's peoples and their migrations through time are enhanced by informative annotated maps and informative timelines. Photographs, paintings and artifacts bring to life the history of human migration. In easy-to-understand language, a team of academic experts examines mass migrations -the motivations behind them, and their impact on the world.

The book includes:

An introduction to the main causes of human migrations
The economic and social effects of migrations, traditional routes, and expected future migrations
The prehistoric migrations of early humans
Indo-European expansion, the Exodus, Polynesian and Greek colonization, and the Romans
Medieval civilizations on the move -- Barbarians, Vikings, Mongols, Arabs and the Bantu
Expansion through colonization, and the impact of convict ships and the slave trade
Industrialization and the emergence of modern empires
Famine, war, persecution and economic collapse in the turbulent 1800s
The emergence of the state of Israel, the Eastern Bloc collapse, the India and Pakistan partition, the decolonization of Vietnam and Algeria, and Africa's civil wars.

The Atlas of Human Migration is the definitive record of our planet's people and a volume that will be recognized immediately as an essential popular reference.

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