The Game Production Handbook, Second Edition Review

The Game Production Handbook, Second Edition
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The Game Production Handbook, Second Edition ReviewThis book was required for a graduate class. As with any text book, some texts just have basic information for you to follow along with the instructor. However, this title is a great read for anyone looking to get into the production side of game development. Each chapter contains valuable information along with interviews from people who have worked in the industry. This book covers a project management styles, business and legal information, technical requirements for games, game ratings, and even outsourcing and localization. There is also a DVD that accompanies the book which has examples of budgeting and scheduling. I highly recommend this book for those who lack an understanding of how game production functions.The Game Production Handbook, Second Edition OverviewThe Game Production Handbook, Second Edition will present information that a producer, lead, or studio manager needs to know in order to successfully develop a game from concept to gold master. The general game development topics such as pre-production, production, testing, and code release will be covered, along with more specific topics such as how to organize voice-over and mo-cap shoots, creating cinematics, working with marketing, localizations, working with external contractors, writing documentation, and project management practices. New material includes additional information on project and personnel management, new technologies, online gaming issues and middleware, and updated examples from next-generation games. It includes new interviews with industry experts who will discuss insider knowledge and real world examples of what works and what doesn t work in game development. A fictitious game project is used to fully illustrate the production cycle, documentation, and other production concepts. The book has a CD-ROM that includes all the templates/forms, so anyone can immediately apply the principles discussed in the book. An Instructor Resource Kit will be available for use as a textbook.

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