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The Dictionary of Bullshit
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The Dictionary of Bullshit ReviewIf you find human interaction increasingly irritating, it may be because your internal b.s. detector is working overtime. Nick Webb's little book will enlighten you and give you much-needed consolation and amusement.The Dictionary of Bullshit OverviewBull shit (n.; adj,; adv.; etc.)1: deceitful language; lies 2: jargon or cliches intended to place a positive spin on something plainly negative 3: anything said by a politician, CEO or PR flak 4: new age, modern, postmodern, cutting edge, meta or Xtreme 5: pretty much everything you read or hear these days.A hilarious, irreverent and generally subversive compendium of what passes for discourse today, The Dictionary of Bullshit savages politics, self-help, marketing, the media, all things new age, statistics, science and business.From the political credibility gap (aka lying) to the oxymoronic instant classic, whether you're in a paperless office or have been out-sourced, The Dictionary of Bullshit is an all-out offensive against all that is phony, stupid and just plain meaningless.

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