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The Bilingualism Reader
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The Bilingualism Reader ReviewThe Bilingualism Reader is the only existing reader in the field, a comprehensive collection of the classic articles in the study of bilingualism. Designed to be used as an essential introductory text for students, the reader covers all the key areas in the field. The introduction includes a perceptive discussion of the dimensions of bilingualism by the editor and an article on the description of bilingualism by Mackey. Part one, Sociolinguistic dimensions of bilingualism, is further subdivided into two sections, language choice(with classic articles on diglossia and language choice by Ferguson and Fishman), and bilingual interaction (with articles on code-switching by Blom & Gumperz, Myers-Scotton, Auer, and Wei, Milroy & Ching). Part two, Linguistic dimensions of bilingualism, includes two sections, grammar of code-switching (with articles by Poplack, Clyne, and Myers-Scotton & Jake), and language acquisition of bilingual children (articles by Genesee and Meisel). Part three, Psycholinguistic dimensions of bilingualism,includes articles on the bilingual brain (Obler, Zatorre, Galloway & Vaid,and Paradis), and studies of bilingual speech processing (articles by Green, De Bot, and Grosjean). In the conclusion section the editor discusses methodological questions in the study of bilingualism. The book is wonderfully edited, whereby the reader is guided through different sections all of which contain notes for students and instructors, including study questions and study activities. This outstanding collection of the key articles in the field, accompanied by a critical discussion of today's issues in bilingualism, a comprehensive glossary and an up-to-date resource list, is an essential guide for incoming students and a wonderful resource for bilingualism scholars. (anpavl)The Bilingualism Reader OverviewThis is a comprehensive collection of the classics in the study of bilingualism. Designed as a structured student reader, it covers:definitions and typology of bilingualismlanguage choice and bilingual interactiongrammar of code-switching and bilingual acquisitionthe bilingual brain and bilingual production and perceptionmethodological issues in the study of bilingualism.Invaluable editorial material guides the student through different sections of the reader. Critical discussion of research methods, graded study questions and activities, a comprehensive glossary and an up-to-date resource list make The Bilingualism Reader an essential introductory text for any course in bilingualism.Extracts from: Peter Auer, Michael Clyne, Kees De Bot, Charles Ferguson, Joshua Fishman, Fred Genesee, David Green, François Grosjean, John Gumperz, Monica Heller, Li Wei, William Mackey, Jurgen Meisel, Lesley Milroy, Carol Myers-Scotton, Lorraine Obler, Michel Paradis and Shana Poplack.

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