Dictionary of Louisiana Creole Review

Dictionary of Louisiana Creole
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Dictionary of Louisiana Creole ReviewThis is by far the best dictionary of any of the French creoles I've seen to date. As such, it's a must-buy for people interested in Louisiana Creole or any of the other French Creoles, Cajun, general French dialects, or dialects of American English in general, and certainly in Southern US dialects or Black Vernacular English. (In fact, until someone puts this kind of work into a Haitian lexicon, the /Dictionary of Louisiana Creole/ might have to do if you need a nice big Haitian-English-Haitian lexicon.)
This lexicon uses a coherent phonemic orthography, has a wide base of sources, and has lots and lots of example sentences (something I always appreciate). The lexicon deals well with lexical variation, which is a problem area in any dictionary of Creole. The lexicon is well printed -- in organization of entries, choice of font faces and sizes, and in quality of reproduction. And, altho it's new and only time will tell, it seems well bound.
The notable parts of this edition are:
* An about 20 page grammar sketch of the language.
* About ten pages on using the dictionary, orthography, and bibliography.
* About 470 pages comprising the creole lexicon. Each entry here consists notably of the Creole headword (and alternate forms); translation into American English; translation into Modern French; and example sentences in Creole (each translated into American English, but not into French). Then if there are subentries, those are listed too, with their own translations and examples. There are abbreviations noting the source of the data.
* An English-to-Creole index. About 80 pages.
* A French-to-Creole index. About 80 pages.Dictionary of Louisiana Creole OverviewThis important reference work is compiled from existing written sources dating back to 1850 and from material collected in Bayou Teche, the German Coast, Pointe Coupee, and St. Tammany Parish. The dictionary features: a Detailed User's Guide including details on orthography and design of the dictionary articles; a grammatical sketch of the language; guide to variant pronunciations; English and French meaning equivalents; Creole contextual examples; identification of where examples were collected, with special notation for historical items (pre-1960); two indexes: A French-Creole index and an English-Creole index. With rich cultural information, many examples illustrate folklore, traditional medicine, religious beliefs, agricultural practices, and the like.

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