Toponymity: An Atlas of Words Review

Toponymity: An Atlas of Words
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Toponymity: An Atlas of Words ReviewJohn Marciano has done it again! The author of "Anonyponymous" has a real passion for words, specifically their unique origins, and makes it interesting as well as educational to accompany him on his journey through the library to hunt down the place where some of our common English-Language words began. The story behind each word has been neatly packaged into a 1-2 page story - and that is really the right description - a story about each word. John makes you want to know "the rest of the story" on each of these words. The book can and should be digested in small quantities - perhaps a word a day for best retention. Really a fun read!Toponymity: An Atlas of Words OverviewIt's no secret that America's cookouts owe a lot to the exports of the European towns of Frankfurt and Hamburg, but we may not realize how much we've taken from two others: Budweis and Pilsen. Likewise, we know who to thank for Panama hats and Bermuda shorts. But did you know that Tuxedo Park, New York, brought Americans a staple of formal wear? Or that the Bikini Atoll gave us something dramatically less formal?

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