Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses - Second Edition Review

Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses - Second Edition
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Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses - Second Edition ReviewI don't know where to begin. Cytowic is a master and genius of the world of research into synesthesia. This book contains studies and patient test results that show that synesthesia is real, and could become a breakthrough field of research and technology. I'm not even studying to be a neurologist or a medical doctor, but the factual evidences, graphs, and theories within this book captured the mind of this electrical engineering and music student. The book is absolutely thourough, as Cytowic's research must be. I especially like the quotes and stories he uses from his patients, as they attempt to explain the sensory phenomina which synesthetics see. Synesthesia, a phenominon where sound is seen with colors, taste is felt as shapes, etc. has recently been the focus of scientists alike, and has been featured in the Scientific American Magazine. The groundbreaking ideas and knowledge within this book is a must have for any intellectual, especially those with synesthesia. The technologies and discoveries that await the world of science hidden within the human mind, especially in synesthesia, are hard to fathom, but will be extremely important. That is what makes this book stand out against so many others. The ease at which Cytowic presents the data and theories is absolutely worth a five star rating. The book is absolutely worth buying, to understand the real phenomina in those around us, and within us. This book contains the roots of understanding to an infant world of research within the topic, which is bound for medical history!Synesthesia: A Union of the Senses - Second Edition OverviewFor decades, scientists who heard about synesthesia hearing colors,tasting words, seeing colored pain just shrugged their shoulders or rolled theireyes. Now, as irrefutable evidence mounts that some healthy brains really do this,we are forced to ask how this squares with some cherished conceptions ofneuroscience. These include binding, modularity, functionalism, blindsight, andconsciousness. The good news is that when old theoretical structures fall, new lightmay flood in. Far from a mere curiosity, synesthesia illuminates a wide swath ofmental life.In this classic text, Richard Cytowic quickly disposes of earliercriticisms that the phenomenon cannot be "real," demonstrating that it is indeedbrain-based. Following a historical introduction, he lays out the phenomenology ofsynesthesia in detail and gives criteria for clinical diagnosis and an objective"test of genuineness." He reviews theories and experimental procedures to localizethe plausible level of the neuraxis at which synesthesia operates. In a discussionof brain development and neural plasticity, he addresses the possible ubiquity ofneonatal synesthesia, the construction of metaphor, and whether everyone isunconsciously synesthetic. In the closing chapters, Cytowic considers synesthetes'personalities, the apparent frequency of the trait among artists, and the subjectiveand illusory nature of what we take to be objective reality, particularly in thevisual realm.The second edition has been extensively revised, reflecting the recentflood of interest in synesthesia and new knowledge of human brain function anddevelopment. More than two-thirds of the material is new.

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