Speech Communications: Human and Machine Review

Speech Communications: Human and Machine
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Speech Communications: Human and Machine ReviewThe book provides a solid introduction to all aspects of speech communication, including human-human communication (production, hearing and perception), physical aspects of spoken language (speech analysis), speech coding and enhancement for efficient storage and transmission, as well as speech recognition and synthesis, and speaker recognition.
Each chapter explains the basic principles and is suitable for readers with some background in signal processing, computer science or phonetics. However, beyond the basic principles, the book contains an extensive survey of the state of the art in the different areas and can serve as an up-to-date reference book for many areas of speech communication, and often also provides a brief discussion of new and controversial research areas. Each chapter contains a comprehensive lists of references, and the book provides pointers to web resources in all areas of speech processing.Speech Communications: Human and Machine Overview"Today the wireless communications industry is heavily dependent upon advanced speech coding techniques, while the integration of personal computers and voice technology is poised for growth. In this revised and updated second edition, a timely overview of the science of speech processing helps you keep pace with these rapidly developing advances.Students of electrical engineering, along with computer scientists, systems engineers, linguists, audiologists, and psychologists, will find in this one concise volume an interdisciplinary introduction to speech communication. This reference book addresses how humans generate and interpret speech and how machines simulate human speech performance and code speech for efficient transmission. With a skillful blending of the basic principles and technical detail underlying speech communication, this broad-based book offers you essential insights into the field.You will learn state-of-the-art techniques to analyze, code, recognize, and synthesize speech. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of the limits of today's technology and an informed view of future trends for speech research. SPEECH COMMUNICATIONS brings you an integrated approach to human and machine speech production and perception that is unmatched in the field. This book is complete with up-to-date references and Web addresses that will lead you to a wealth of resources for your own research into speech communication."

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