Invitation to the Classics (Masterworks) Review

Invitation to the Classics (Masterworks)
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Invitation to the Classics (Masterworks) ReviewThis is a wonderful overview of classic Western literature from a Christian perspective. With a wide scope and a clarity of expression, there is likely something that any reader can enjoy and understand within these pages.
More significant than any of this, however, is that the book has something that far too many "contemporary Christian" books do not have: fundamental fairness. When dealing with unorthodox or non-religious opinions (take Nietzsche for example), the editors neither preach nor abdicate their religious duties. Instead, they urge the reader to consider the author's viewpoint, relate it to their beliefs and experiences, and take away from it what they may.
Any book which shares the good news of God's love and encourages critical thinking is a welcome addition to any bookshelf... whether a Bible shares the shelf is completely irrelevant.Invitation to the Classics (Masterworks) Overview

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