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Western Civilization
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Western Civilization ReviewThis dynamic narrative text by Dr. Spielvogel is a fun read. Jackson J. Spielvogel's prose really makes history interesting, and as I review for the AP European History Exam using this book, I was able to re-read nearly 300 pages in a course of 2 days.
JJ's syntax consists of elegantly styled sentences peppered with short, abrupt, and rather comical sentences. For example: "This photograph shows a confrontation between Soviet tanks and Czechs in Prague. The tanks won." When reading this text though, you'll probably want to have a dictionary handy. His command of language is excellent and I've learned at least a dozen new words. And not all of them are European history-related. Just big words in general.
Bias? I detect some bias in this book. For example, it's hilarious when he includes a quote about tsar Nicholas I - "The sharply retreating forehaead and the lower jaw were expressive of iron will and feeble intelligence." It gets me everytime. I won't forget how I found that when skimming the text in the middle of class ;). I nearly fell out my chair laughing.
Now, I don't have any sentiments towards Russian tsars, but I have to agree with JJ's analysis of Playboy magazine, "Along with photographs of nude women, Playboy offered well-written articles on various aspects of masculinity."
And oh yes, even Justin Beiber is covered in Jackson's survey of western civilization. What text would be complete without mentioning Justin Beiber? "In the mid-1990s, teen and preteen consumers made performers who made splashy videos into multimillion dollar musical acts, regardless of their actual musical talent." Amen Prof. Spielvogel.
In all seriousness, Western Civilization is an excellent coursebook offering a concise survey of European history. Used for the AP Euro exam, you can't go wrong.Western Civilization OverviewJoin over one million students who have used Spielvogel's texts to be successful in their Western Civilization course! There's a reason WESTERN CIVILIZATION is the best seller: it makes the "story of history" come alive.Spielvogel's text is also loaded with extras, like "Film and History" features that show you a new approach to studying history. Colorful maps and visuals, plus dramatic first-hand historical accounts, combine to bring to life the stories of the people and events that have shaped Western civilization.

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