Assimil Language Courses :German with Ease (Book only) (German and English Edition) Review

Assimil Language Courses :German with Ease (Book only) (German and English Edition)
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Assimil Language Courses :German with Ease (Book only) (German and English Edition) ReviewI'm an avid student of languages, I have other reviews under Assimil. I've seen LOTS of self-teach courses. Assimil is THE BEST in my opinion. This title, which I did in Spanish while living Spain AFTER having taken German for one year AND having lived in Germany for 4 months is no exception! I wasn't even a third of the way thru the book and was already learning new things! By the end, I felt a vast improvement in German. Mind you, I had ALREADY LIVED THERE!! The lessons are great at breaking down the difficulties we associate with German into logical, easy-to-follow explanations. The text is superb. Everything learned is jargon! Translations are wonderful. And those tapes...Assimil's best attribute!! Clear, crisp and easy to follow. No background noise, no muffled sounds. Top-notch recordings!! If you can follow directions, you WILL LEARN German with this course. It gives you a solid foundation that only a 1 on 1 tutor could match. I loved it so much, I bought Using German (in french). The English version didn't exist at that time. Once again, THE BEST of its kind! Look for it now when you've completed "with ease"!!Assimil Language Courses :German with Ease (Book only) (German and English Edition) OverviewHow did you learn to speak?You probably don't even know. You listened to your parents, gradually understanding the meanings of sounds, words, and then whole sentences. Then, once you had absorbed or assimilated the meanings of the word associations, you began to link words and form your own sentences. Assimil applied this same natural process adapting it to the abilities of adults, young and old. You assimilate in two phases:The Passive PhaseThe Active PhaseThe first step is to familiarize yourself with the new language through daily sessions lasting 20 to 30 minutes. You listen and read and you understand what is being said through the translation provided. You repeat each sentence aloud to practice your pronunciation, with the help of easy phonetic spellings and, better still, recordings. During the Passive Phase you shouldn't try to form sentences. Just immerse yourself in the language. Every seventh lesson you'll find a review of all the points covered in the previous six lessons and a summary of the main grammar points learned during the week. The key to success is the daily routine.The first two weeks are crucial. The rest will come naturally.The Active Phase starts when you have acquired enough passive knowledge around Lesson 50.This phase continues alongside passive learning, and involves revising Lesson 1, then Lesson 2 and so on, completing one active and one passive lesson each day.In the Active Phase, you cover up the text in the target language and, using the translation on the opposite page, try to say it out loud or in writing if you wish. The Active Phase continues throughout the entire second half of the book. For most major languages, it takes about five months to assimilate a course of 100 lessons.You'll be amazed at your results! During this second phase, you will be building sentences with ease and this encourages you to go on and complete your course.A With Ease course will enable you to reach a level of fluent everyday conversation.

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