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A History of Food
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A History of Food ReviewI bought this book a couple of days ago with 40% coupon at my local dummied-down Borders. I noticed right away that there were some factual mistakes starting with the first section on honey. Bees DO have good color vision! But anyway, I actually like the book. I bought it as "just to have something around to dip into". It's definitely not a research source for your Ph.D.
But a the great bulk of the information and discussion is very interesting, as is the style, if you just are going to keep it in the kitchen as a diversion by the fire. And it is physical treat as an artifact. Unlike so many of today's books it is a handsome production. The plates, of which there are many, are very, very good. I found them of antquarian culinary interest in themselves. The binding is sewn and the pages are an excellent quality art paper. It's 800+ pages of fun to read stuff and if you can get the hard cover for twenty bucks, I think you'll get twenty bucks worth of pleasure from it. A similarly produced book can cost over $100 today!A History of Food Overview

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