Managing Internationally: Succeeding in a Culturally Diverse World Review

Managing Internationally: Succeeding in a Culturally Diverse World
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Managing Internationally: Succeeding in a Culturally Diverse World ReviewI am completing an accounting degree with a management minor. This means I have suffered through the Internal Revenue Code and various large textbooks with loads of technical information. That being said, Fatehi's textbook is one of the worst texts I have ever had to deal with. The chapters are 30 pages at least, the author cites so many other authors I wonder how much of the book he actually wrote, and the book repeats itself over and over. I have not been able to find an online student supplement from the publisher, which is common for many texts.
Overall, I would not recommend this text. It's a very frustrating read.Managing Internationally: Succeeding in a Culturally Diverse World Overview
'Managing Internationally provides a broad yet original treatment of global business environment and managing globally. The book addresses the most common aspects of operating internationally and introduces subjects that are often neglected by management scholars. Powerful insights and perspectives are provided for understanding the dynamics and complexity of managing business across the globe.'--Abbas J. Ali, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

'A well-written text that highlights the tenets of international management in their cultural realities. Current, focused, and grounded in the importance of understanding the diverse business and management practices'to be successful in today's global environment."--Jim Giermanski, Belmont Abbey College and Powers International Inc.

Key Features
Provides a better understanding of existing international management knowledge: The book traces this knowledge back to its origins to reinforce the scope and importance of international business and international management.
Offers a cross-cultural perspective within a functional framework: The author underlines the effectiveness of different concepts for various functions of management when applied in diverse environments.
Presents cutting edge topics: Concepts and ideas unique to this book include an entire chapter devoted to information systems, a chapter on legal issues, and a unique perspective on control in international business transactions.
Includes engaging vignettes: Each chapter begins with an interesting and often amusing short story related to the content.
Provides ample visual aids: Charts, graphs, tables, and boxed material cover specific issues that can be used as a starting point for discussion of chapter material.

Instructor's ResourcesAn instructor's resource CD, including PowerPoint slides, teaching notes for all in-text cases studies, suggested exercises, discussion questions, a brief test bank, and related journal articles, is available to qualified adopters of this text.

IRCDs are available for qualified instructors only. To request an IRCD for this book please contact Customer Care at 1.800.818.7243 (6 am - 5 pm Pacific Time) or by emailing with course name and enrollment and your university mailing address to expedite the process.
Intended Audience: This is an excellent source for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in International Management, Global Management, Multinational Management, or Transnational Management. It is also a valuable resource for practicing managers to gain a competitive advantage in the global market.

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